All jewelry needs proper care and it's important to note the following care instructions are highly recommended:


Exposure to common everyday household chemicals like bleach or ammonia can damage both metals and gemstones, including chemicals worn on the body.  This includes hairspray, lotions and perfumes, can affect metals and dull stones.  

To keep your jewelry looking new, it's best to put on any perfumes, lotions or hairsprays BEFORE putting on jewelry.  Additionally, it's always wise to remove jewelry before, washing hands, washing dishes, swimming or using any type of household cleaners.


Just like the sun damages skin, heat and light can damage certain jewelry pieces.  Too much sunlight can darken the appearance of exposed to too much light.  It is highly recommended to store jewelry in a jewelry pouch or jewelry case.


Most jewelry pieces will arrive in a Miorhi Designs jewelry box and or pouch, that is perfect for storing your new Miorhi Designs jewelry pieces.  Most people use a jewelry box.

Jewelry boxes that have individual felt-lined and padded slots for rings, necklaces and earrings will keep them organized, clean and safe.  Some boxes are lined with anti-tarnish cloth, perfect for storing sterling silver pieces.

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